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Beth + Ant



Beth and Ant dreamed of the perfect wedding . All the way over in Santa Monica,  the cute couple were set to go ahead, anxiously anticipating announcing their vows in front of the people they loved. A week before the wedding, an unfortunate event occurred.


5 days before the wedding, an unfortunate event occurred which affected family members unable to attend our wedding. It was really important for us to have images with the whole family celebrating such a special union. 

We wanted to capture the moments of our marriage with our friends and family in Australia who weren't able to be at our wedding.


Ant and Beth decided, 2 years later to fly over to Australia and celebrate their special union with everyone..  

[insert 'awwwww' right here]



What Was Your Experience Like?

You are truly lovely to work with and your images are INSANELY GOOD! We were so so excited to receive our pictures, We can reminisce that lovely day through these images. I am SO happy, we absolutely love the pictures. 

The money was so well spent. It was so much fun, we would definitely do it again and the images are amazing.

What would you say to anyone wanting to book a session?

Do it!!

Want amazing photo's like these?