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Loui's first Birthday

A Documentary Photo Session with Rebecca Overton


When we woke up on the day Loui was  actually quite unwell. So I was a bit nervous that I  booked Justine in to take photos of Loui and that he was just not going to perform on the day and be happy. More specifically that I wouldn't get the photos that I wanted of him. When I saw the photos it was awesome, there were so many beautiful photos! There were moments of him being happy, sad, sick and miserable but she captured the day perfectly, exactly how it was. That was my main fear to not have any great photos but as soon as I saw them I was so happy. They were all great moments, the good and the sad.

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Daniel and I were hesitant at first because we felt that we both don't do well in front of the camera and that we would struggle with any sort of posing. But that's not Justine's style at all and it worked out really well. My husband didn't think taking photos of the day but I had seen Justine do a similar thing for a family member and I just thought it was such a great idea. I put it forward to him and now that he has seen the photos he thinks they are really special. 

I was recommended to have Justine take photos of the day and after seeing her work I felt that I didn't want a photographer that I would need to pose for and get really staged photos. I just wanted someone that would document the day and became the key factor in wanting to book in a photographer. 

Sydney Family Photographer

My goal for the day was to capture Loui as he is today, capture Loui surrounded by everyone who loves him. So I can have those memories, for my husband to have those memories but also something for Loui to have to look back on when he is older as well. Obviously he isn't really going to remember the day so it will be nice to have an album for him to look at and see his first birthday, surrounded by his grandparents, cousins, all of the family. Yeah so just preserve the day I guess. Childhood just goes by and you don't remember half of it so it will be really nice to have those photos to look back on. 


Looking back on my fears leading up to the session, there is no point. It was very easy. I didn't even notice Justine there for the day. She just walked around and did her thing and yeah it just was like she wasn't even there. Justine was so easy to work with. My favourite part of the day would have to have been the start of the day when it was just 1:1 time with just me and Loui getting ready and having that more intimate time together. Once the guests started arriving the day just went like that.

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It was just really fun the whole time really though, because none if it is really staged you just go about what you have to do. I didn't really feel like I had to do anything different, just going about my day, getting Loui ready, hosting the party and yeah it was easy. I didn't really feel like I had a camera in my face at all, it was really simple. Next thing I knew Justine was saying goodbye and I was like oh I hoped she got good photos! But that was not necessary there were plenty of awesome photos.

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On the reveal day, I felt like a blubbering mess. The photos were just beautiful and so much more than what I was expecting. It brought up all these emotions and I am just really really happy with them. For me it just was capturing the day, not staging it, not posing it, just showing it like it is.  100% worth every single cent. Just you know seeing my family in the moment with Loui just captured in such a beautiful way. My mum, in particular is very funny about having photos taken and there were really beautiful photos of her with Loui and she just loves him to death so it is really really nice to see a photo that conveys that love. She never wants to be in front of the camera, always runs away. So to be able to finally have a photo of her with Loui and to be able to give her that is really nice. And not only that, I want Loui to be able to have photos of him with her when he is older, yeah its just beautiful. 


I would absolutely do this again, I am already thinking of the next event I can get this done for haha its so well worth it. I'd recommend to anyone thinking of doing it, you will get photos you will be really really happy with



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