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Ever think about what you love about your family and wish that it could just stay that way forever?

You could probably come up with quite the list yeah? Like the little quirky  traits  that your toddler start to develop  which just  make you melt. You know the important stuff. The  moments that are so etched deep inside your soul the thought of losing the memory of that, just  kills you. If your anything like me you will want to remember it all. The good times and even the not so good ( cuddles and sleepless nights anyone?!) 

One of my favourites from the Aquilina family is Katherine sitting on the living room floor. Among all the busy chaos of her children in mid play. There she is gaze transfixed on that darling newborn face. Who hasn't done that? I definitely did, and it reminds me of all those feeding sessions where we just sat and stared at each other. Just us two alone in our little world. 

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Documentary photography in its true form is with no interruption from the photographer. So often, these are the powerful photos you see from travel photographers documenting culture and creating images on political and social issues

Seriously, why the hell not use your everyday as a way to do your family photos!?. 

The most powerful photos that speak to your heart are going to be the ones where you recognize yourself and your loved ones personality. Doing the things they love. Doing life. These photos that evoke a memory and tell their story.

A Family Documentary Photography session or "Day In The Life' does just that. 

If you believe that family photos that capture emotion and warm memories are absolutely paramount, this is how i can help. 

My job is to help people like you get photos that bring you back to a time where you can vividly see your loved ones’ real personalities. Does that make sense? Photos that when you look a them, you will LOVE the way you see yourself and your family. Your kids being Kids and you being the loving parent you always strive to be.

Here are a few examples of what a documentary session can look like..


Greeting Daddy home from work

Greeting Daddy home from work

Bathing the baby in the sink

Bathing the baby in the sink

A day out with the family

A day out with the family

Is Family Documentary Photography Right For My Family?

You will love a Family Photo session if you 

Want a relaxed photo session.

Imagine me as a friend coming over for a chat and a cuppa. I am super friendly, um hello I am escaping my own kids and have a chance for some adult conversation haha. Pretty soon you will forget I am even holding my camera. My clients  will typically say that it feels like they have a friend over to hang out, rather than a “photo session”. 

Appreciate that their Kids won't stay little forever. 

From Newborn to Preteens, childhood is such a golden age and the way your newborn slept on your chest or funny toddler personality will become fuzzy distant memories in a blink of an eye. You know this already and want to remember it all.

like that there's no need to make your kids (or husband) “behave”. 

Forget the stress of getting the family organised and dressed up for a studio shoot. The truth is my clients husbands are RELIEVED and love that they don't need to play dress up, and worry about you giving him that scorned look like, 'you better co-operate!' or get into any awkward or stiff poses. In fact I hear how super relieved they are to find they do not have to do anything at all, just be themselves! 

During a documentary family photography session, kids get to be their awesome selves too, Spending quality time with you doing what they love to do. NO chasing after the kids telling them  not to mess their hair or wrinkle their outfits.

You will get images that capture the spirit of each individual in your family. The quietly thoughtful kids as well as the arrived-in-a-hurricane-blizzard active ones. By allowing everyone to just be, your documentary family photographer gets to capture what it is that makes each person unique, capturing all their quirks, likes and dislikes and personality traits.

You will be able to relive the moments in the photos. Whether it’s a heartwarming cuddle or a heartbreaking tantrum, you’ll be able to see that moment from a new perspective, relive it and share that moment with future generations.

You can let your guard down

I am not the perfect parent by any means and my kids are definitely not perfect either. In fact my kids can be assholes sometimes and I dont mind throwing the eye roll or two, maybe three. Ok I yell. Daily.

I am a parent and Ive seen it all. To the puppy eyed pleases to the throw myself on the floor to get what I want tantrums. Do not worry if your child has a melt down in front of me. Once you have it all under control don't be surprised to find me having a laugh with you or sending you a telepathic vodka post meltdown. 

If your anything like me, You know that parenting is a roller coaster and its good to remember it all, the ups and the downs. 

Your Nostalgic

You love looking back at your own childhood photos. revisiting the adventures your parents took you on or looking at photos of family you no longer remember so capturing photos that mean something is paramount.  You want your own kids to be able to revisit their childhood too and have something to remember you by when they are older. 

Are a family that are a little wanderlust

When you think about your best childhood memories, I bet the ones that stand out are family vacations am I right? You love taking  your kids out on adventures and make sure they grow up having a fulfilling childhood. Family and connection speaks close to my heart and I genuinely want to support you when it comes to building just that. I love helping families plan ideas on where and how to take their kids on family adventures and photograph some amazing experiences along the way.

You want a slice of life – not a photo session.

My ultimate mission is to give you photographs that actually reflect the people you love, beyond their beautiful face,capturing their little personalities and what your world looks like today. Having personality and fuzzy memories to revisit 30 years later is absolutely paramount. By allowing everyone to just be, I capture the spirit of the family and  what it is that makes each person unique.


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