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As the easter Holidays were approaching, we were hit with a wave of sickness. Dante (17mths) came down with hand foot and mouth and was miserable for two weeks straight. He could not eat or sleep. It was horrible. 4 days. 4 days he was well for before Whooping cough plagued his tiny little body.  So for most of March, we literally just soldiered through getting well. Listening to the terrifying gasps of breath Dante disturbing his sleep and not getting the proper rest he needed. Thankfully, the strain of bacteria he caught was a mild one. We saw him recover within a weeks time. 

All this time we were isolated from seeing anyone and spent most of the month indoors. And it got me thinking about Abby. When was the last time her and I spent time alone? For the past year we have been so focused on bringing and raising this wonderful little human into our family and our little adventures seem like such a past time. 

I mean, a real day of connection + life together... visibly showing Abby how much I love spending time with her. 

I wanted to create some memories with her just one on one time. A day where the she felt special and got lost in the day with their fave people (Dad of course)...

After a few weeks trapped indoors, staying in and on technology was the last thing I wanted her to be doing. With far away places being out of budget, our family decided to explore local and found some serious gems that I’m sharing with you.

The Australian Brewery held a kids concert for the holidays called the Katy Perry Tribute show. For just $15 a ticket it was a great day just me and Abby dancing away to her favourite songs!

We also planned for my mother to mind Dante for the day and spent the day at The Royal Easter Show.  It was a great day where we all were able to go on rides together, it was so much fun!

Abby felt so special being able to go and do all of her favourite things with her mum and dad. We stayed there until 7pm and she could barely keep her eyes open from exhaustion! I LOVED having a few days where I felt at my best as a parent.

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