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Styling Services Now Available for Child Photography

I am proud to announce that I am offering Styling as part of my Child Photography services! Many parents have no idea what they should dress their children in or where to get these cute outfits from. So I figured why not? I want the best possible outcome for my clients - that is to create beautiful portraits of their children.

Whats In For Child Photography

For girls, princesses, fairies, sun dresses all look wonderful. Just let me know what look you would like for your child photography session. Flower Halo's are a perfect accessory too.

Mummies, please do not forget about yourselves! Maxi's work great! Neutrals or pastels always work well. Boys look great in some suit pants and suspenders. Even dressing up as little adventurers!

Whatever the vision I can make it work and try and find the perfect outfit!

If you are interested in booking in a Child photography session please email me via the link below

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