Newborn Heath - Newborn Photography Hills District

A peaceful morning, awake well before sunrise. Listening to the world outside in its peaceful slumber as I try to feed him back to sleep. The world outside begins to stir, rousing to its busy morning peak.

He is in my arms and new. Lost in reverie, I explore him. Tracing his nose lips and cheeks as I discover who this little soul is that is so deeply intertwined with mine.

I smell him. Nirvana.

 Oxytocin flows through us both. Forming a bond that can never be broken.

- Hawkesbury Hospital Windsor. Sydney, Australia. October 2017. Celebrating the birth of newborn baby Heath.

6 weeks 

Living Slow. Consumed by an early parenthood blur where nothing else could possibly exist right now as we let time, just pass us by.