These Are The Days

Where your heart cries at their littleness. How their uniqueness and familiarity of your own self overwhelm you. These are the days that are long and exhausting, and sometime you may find yourself wishing for them to sleep a little longer and grow a little faster. These are also the days where you have the power to calm the saddest of tears with a single touch and feel love for someone you never knew you had. There will be last days. The day of the last feed, the last co sleep. The last time your arms lift them to the sky. Not realising there will be a day you find yourself yearning for another midnight cuddle. That milk tainted breath.

These are the days to remember.

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The Session

Think Of this as a time to spend quality time with your kids. We would have talked about things you love to do together as a family. Focus on those, focus on being present and thats just about the hardest thing required for you to on the day. I’ll chit chat to you, the kids, prompt conversation and just be a friend. I’m not just here to work, but get to know you and your family.



Shades and hues that are popular right now.

Dusty pastels and earthy Ochres are so in right now. When selecting colours I would consider how they sit together harmoniously or pop from another colour. If you need help deciding on colours I can help you. Think about the colours of the scene and colours in another persons outfit.

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Here are some of my favourite labels. These are just suggestion and by no means require you to purchase any. Please allow these to just inspire you.

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Yoli And Otis

Hubble And Duke

Jamie Kay

Children Of The Tribe



Summer And Storm

Some local stores that have some beautiful labels for adults and for children

City Beach General Pants


Before Your Session

I will send you a questionaire to fill out. This will give me an example of the dynamics and quality time you like to spend together. Please fill this out so I have enough time to get back to you with any additional ideas

Model Release + Contract

Contracts can be a little intimidating but I assure you, it basically just allows me to use your images for my portfolio and lets you know my rules and boundaries about image selection and creating a collection for you. If you have any questions about these terms, do not be shy to ask about them. I am all ears.

Booking Fee

To secure a date, please be prompt in paying your booking fee. Majority of families require a weekend date. Its first in first served. If you require an instalment plan for the booking fee. please do not hesitate to ask. I will send you a customised invoice.

If you haven’t already booked a date

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