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What Can A Session Look Like?

We can be doing anything anywhere. The possibilities are endless.

The beauty of my approach to photographing people is I make it all about you. Our time together is one giant conversation and the truth is, none of it has anything to do with me or what it is I can do. This path that led you to me has and always will be about you. From the initial conversations you have with yourself, what is that is speaking to you right now? what is it that your heart is calling for? My time with you will be about all of those feels. This means that no two journeys are the same. I am here to bring it to light. Create a space for you to hear it. Acknowledge it and create some magic with it.


How lovely is it to wake up to your embrace.
To hear the familiar rustle of you conquering the climb onto our bed.
The silent slip under the covers as you curl your body into mine. A perfect fit. Our curves find one another, reunited once more.
How my heart melts as you softly draw your face toward mine and listen to the soft in draw of your breath. You breathe in familiarity and comfort. Just as I do.

The sweetness of your soul shows by the soft caress of your hand. It follows around
my shoulders and up onto my face, giving the softest sweet kisses a mother could ever hope for. How your kiss just touches in the slowest fashion. You are savouring the moment, just as I do.
I blink back tears knowing your soul craves mine, just as I do yours.

Some Session Ideas.. 

Nesting Brood.jpg


Capture life as it is today before the next chapter begins

Gender Reveal

Priceless reactions guaranteed! This can be done with the whole family.

A trip to the OB

Reading a magazine in the waiting room, the solitude of waiting alone in the patient room, your beaming face when the doctor finds the heartbeat or baby pops up on the screen during the ultrasound. Naaw.

Pregnant life

What’s your favorite way to lounge and relax before baby? Reading parenting books on the couch? Snuggling that maternity pillow? Laying on the bed and watching baby kick (dad feel- ing too)? What about food cravings or strong dislikes? What do you do to pamper yourself? Are you attending any sort of classes? Document it all... including that bump!


A weekend getaway for youto enjoy “just the two of you” before baby’s arrival.

When One Becomes Two

I know I felt this way but during my second pregnancy I mourned the fact I would have less one on one time with my daughter. Document your
relationship with your child/children before baby arrives