These Are The Days

Where your heart cries at their littleness. How their uniqueness and familiarity of your own self overwhelm you. These are the days that are long and exhausting, and sometime you may find yourself wishing for them to sleep a little longer and grow a little faster. These are also the days where you have the power to calm the saddest of tears with a single touch and feel love for someone you never knew you had. There will be last days. The day of the last feed, the last co sleep. The last time your arms lift them to the sky. Not realising there will be a day you find yourself yearning for another midnight cuddle. That milk tainted breath.

These are the days to remember.

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What Now?

Let’s do this! You are reading this because you are in a time of your life you feel needs to be honoured and respected and I am really glad you do. Creativity is all about curiosity and wonder. Finding the beauty in things we do not always have/take the time to appreciate. I have noted down below how we may begin the process of planning a photoshoot and the kind of experience i like to offer, there are a few things I will explain about what to expect and why I do things to create images that you love.

The Consult

As part of my planning. It would really love for you to come and enjoy a cuppa with me while we talk about you. I want to get to know you, what is it that’s going on in your life. What you love about your family and what makes you, well you. Meeting your partner in crime is important to me too and its great for spouses to have the opportunity to ask me any questions and get to know and feel comfortable with me too. There is no cost or any obligations for this consult, it is just simply me sharing my insights and art direction with you.


Along with planning my sessions it is also important to me that your experience in selecting how you would like your images printed is custom made just for you. I do not have a one-size-fits all, instead a flexible range and will show you this during our consult. Once we have had our consult and we get good vibes off each other then I have a set Booking Fee of $500. Once you have seen your collection you will be able to decide what options are more suitable and functional for your taste and home. During our consultation I will ask what you have in mind and show a selection of my samples and price starting points. No upfront payments are required after a photoshoot and I do allow flexible monthly payment plans.

Join me For Tea

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