The Cuinet-Wellings Family | Sydney Northern Beaches

It is the best compliment ever. I am sure all photographers will agree. When another photographer asks you to photograph them and their family. It is pure flattery. When the very talented Caro contacted me to let me know of her plans to travel to Sydney, and that she must have me photograph her family I was a little awe struck.  What an honour. So many talented Australian photographers and she chooses me. Is she kidding? We excitedly made preparations. I wanted to make sure I did her adorable family justice. It was an important moment filled with potential some amazing memories. This was their first ever experience travelling to Australia together and to my delight Caro and her family were staying with a relative on the Northern Beaches. No better place to capture an Aussie experience than the beautiful Australian Beaches am I right? 

Family Sydney Northern Beaches Photography-16.jpg

For July, the weather was rather spectacular. The Morning was crisp and sharp but it was clear blue skies all week and temps were causing along at a nice 23 degrees. We drove along Sydney's Northern Beaches and stopped at Newport Beach. The girls enjoyed hiking along The Bilgola to Newport walking track to overlook the shoreline. Little Sayan, tired quickly and enjoyed being perched up on her mama's shoulders. A little break on the sand and before surrendering to Sayan's hungry wails.

We dined at a little cafe called Whale Beach Deli. A pretty little cafe perfect for brunch, coffee and cakes. 

Getting Hangry

Mama bears soothing hands

Sayan's delight springs across her face.

food has never tasted soo good!

Leila, started to warm to me, chatting away and giving me insight into her great intellectual mind. Our energy stores were replenished and Sayan was satisfyingly full. The girls requested a swim down at Avalon Beach. The girls were so happy playing by the rock pools, with the water being so unusually warm. It was a fantastic day. Leila explored the shoreline, While Caroline and I tried not to slip over on the sea grass haha. Sayan, so cheeky at heart, revelled in the thought of splashing everyone with the salty sea water.  James, immersed in the delight of Leila's squeals as she begs him to swing her higher. We were all pretty content in sticking around for the rest of the afternoon.


As I had gotten to know the Wellings it was incredibly sweet to understand how Caroline and James came to meet. Caroline had travelled from France to Dubai for work as a teacher. James had also travelled to Dubai from the UK to teach at the same Institution. 

Caroline reminisced while we walked along the beach ' It was like the whole universe was just telling us to be together' Soon they were engaged and flew to France to Marry. Two beautiful children later and a job opportunity later, they are exploring a whole other world living and educating in Malaysia. 

I think they did a wonderful job. Don't you agree? 

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