heart condition

Going Home

Newborn Photography Sydney

This session will truly hold dear to me forever because I have never heard of a story quite like this.

Katherine, thrilled to discover she was expecting with her second child.  However soon into her pregnancy, Katherine was devastated by the news that her unborn baby had a life threatening heart condition. Katherine blinked back tears as she spoke to me  about how she was told to prepare that her little baby growing inside her may not even make it through birth.

Against all odds, he made it. Unfortunately that was not the end of the battle. Katherine did not get to wrap her bundle of joy up and go home together just a day or two later. In fact, he never left the hospital. Little Baby James endured going to theatre fifteen times.

At seven months old he is finally going home. I had the honour of documenting James and his family before they were to leave for their home in Canberra. Katherine could barely contain the anxiety and anticipation of leaving their temporary accomodation across from Westmead Children's Hospital. A long time to be away from home  after seven long heartbreaking months. A joyous moment indeed. I wish you the best of luck and good health James xx