Moments that Matter in August

We have been teething over here. All the mums out there at the word will groan with sympathy. Everyone knows how torturous the days of screaming in pain, going through the motions of paracetamol doses, walking the halls and pats on the back as they wimper on your chest. Dante didnt seem too bad with his first two teeth, but the next two. His top teeth have been a nightmare. For 2 weeks now I have had broken sleep. enduring half hour sleep cycles, administering panadol, nurofen and bonjela to try and keep the pain at bay. A hospital trip with temperatures at 40, making me second guess what is wrong. Am I doing it right? Mama Guilt. Thats a actually a  thing right. I hate it. I usually I like to think I make educated decisions through out life and mother guilt makes me second guess every single parenting decision I make. Is he tired? Or too tired? Maybe he is hot? Perhaps Ive made him too hot? Is it teeth or is he sick?Maybe he is hungry. Do they eat healthy enough? I have given too many treats? Was that punishment necessary or was I too harsh?

And we continue on. Feed, cuddle, medicine repeat.


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