South Coast Wanderings and Little Muses


Driving down the highway. The music on high and the chill level is low. My feet on the dash and the coastal air lifting my hair into wild tentacles. Good vibes washing away the days of intense routines and raised cortisol levels. 

The cows return our calls with monotone moans, sending sparks of delight across our faces. We adventure on, slowly expanding our map of exploration. We trek enchanted forests and moody cliff sides, feeding off the surrounding energy that can only be described as magical. 

Exploration is good for the soul. A different kind of exhausted at the end of every day with a fulfilling triumph. A restored playfulness that lay dormant. Suppressed deep down by a lifestyle full of schedules and routine.  

We play in the sun and splash in the salt water. A fizzling energy rejuvenating our skin. I watch him edge to the water by himself. A new leap of personal growth as his courage carries him to the water. Bravely wading, picking his favourite shells. I want more of this. 

I look over to her. Snorkelling for the first time. I love that her soul has no boundaries. A heart that is open to new experiences as if its quenching her body's thirst for adventure. Asking me whats next before we are even home. Challenging me to push my own boundaries of self exploration. I crave feeding your curiosity. I feel alive because of you.