When 1 Becomes 2 Sydney Family Photography

When 1 becomes 2 

Abegail and Andrew are expecting their second child in just a matter of weeks. An anxiously exciting time for a young family. I remember feeling excited myself at the prospect of creating another little human and finally getting to him. Also the anxiousness of knowing my one on one time with my first would soon become very limited as we spent time mentally preparing to create space for another person in our lives. I could see Abegail felt the very same way. she yearned to capture that point in time of their lives when it was just them and Jacob, before her hand were full with a little newborn to nurture and keep her busy. 

So we did just that. We spent the day hanging out spiralling into little jacobs world with his family. 

Jacob is an avid little helper. Curious at the fire being started for the bbq and helping his mum bake cupcakes.

Banana and blueberry cupcakes for the win!! Baking with Jacob is one of Abegail's favourite activities and adores dressing him up in his adorable Chef's hat.

Lunch was delicious! 

On the weekends Jacob will normally help his dad out with the gardening.

It's fun to cool off afterwards! 


Back inside to check on the cupcakes and play some puzzles while dad finishes up outside

Jacob keeps checking to see when his dad is going to come inside and play

Jacob loves playing chasing games with his dad. He also loves talking to Baby in his Mummy's tummy. 

After lots of giggles and playing Jacob starts to get tired. Time to wind down and Read his favourite story. Its loved so much the pages are wearing away!

It was a perfect day.

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