Oh this moment has my heart. From the moment baby Dante had an awareness, the very sight of my dear jackson and Bella babes had him absolutely terrified. And good reason too, Jackson being a Great Dane x Boxer mix, he is enormous! They had to stay at one end of the room and him at the other.

Slowly but surely it went from terrified screams to just spine stiffening as they walked past. Over the months he became used to the sight of them and would just kick his leg at them to shoo away if they got too close. Soon enough they could approach, if they became too close for a sniff Dante would lean back with a 'too higher than though please do not get too close' look on his face.

The time is finally here where he has grown so rapidly and becoming ever so brave at discovering the world around him that now the dogs offer sense of curiosity and thrill to this ever growing void of adventure to my new developing toddler. The dogs, so eager and patient to be loved by this new little human. They wait at the door for him, wanting to sniff, busting to be petted and loved. The look on our golden retriever screams.. 'love me! love me you little human.' So desperate for the affection they clearly have a thirst for. Jackson and Bella have dearly been playmates and guardian to Abby and it makes my heart absolutely sing at the prospect of them accepting their new little adoptive pup. I just cannot wait for them to be able to start enjoying him a little  more.

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