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Let Kids be Kids. While editing these photos from after an afternoon playing out in the backyard. Abby looked over my shoulder. She scrunched up her nose and said she looks like a boy.

I replied ' What makes you think that?'

She observed ' I have bruises on my legs, no clothes on and I'm all dirty like a boy.'

I looked at her and thought hard.. ' You know who I think you look like?'

'who?' giving me a puzzled look.

I smiled and replied ' Abby.'

Don't get me wrong, Abby loves her horses, dress ups and adornments of pink terrible things. But she also loves to play outside, wrestle with the dogs or her mates. Isn't afraid to get dirty and is very comfortable with her body.

These stereotypical assumptions that girls like pretty things and boys like to be grubby not only start to define how children identify themselves. They are offensive to both genders.

Let Kids Be Kids
Let Kids Be Kids
Let Kids Be Kids
Let Kids Be Kids
Let Kids Be Kids