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We have really enjoyed our stay down the South Coast of NSW. We decided to head down to  Culburra Beach for our family holiday after Christmas. We love getting away from all the Sydney noise and staying in our family home which sits just off the beach with the most gorgeous views. Its such a serene peaceful change. Its nice to know what to do with kids so I hope you get some ideas of what you can do if your ever considering holidaying around these parts.

When we first arrived its such lovely change. So quiet. We spend a lot of our time chatting on the balcony, listening to the crashing waves so commonly known for Culburra Beach. 


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Family Destination Photoshoot

My husband decided to take our daughter on her first fishing trip, it was super cute! He went and bought her very own fishing rod for Christmas too. I tried not to be sick with worry, making sure she wore all the right safety gear and gave him the death stare to keep her safe haha.

Family Holiday Photos


My Grandparents also came down for a holiday which was really great. It was nice to have the extra set of hands around to help out with the kids. Kids can be little assholes sometimes ( well to their parents anyway) I get a really bad temper and need to walk for a breather sometimes. Thank god for my nan, diversion and peacemaking is her specialty. When my 6 year old is being a hot head and thinks its not fair to get her own way and its my fault and the worst mum in the world. Its great to have my nan there to help take the heat out of the kitchen.

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We cheated on our own beach and decided to adventure to Callala Bay. I read that it was great for little kids. It was great. It was all very shallow waters, no surf and lots of shell searching. We will definitely be going again. Abby was sad that Nanny and Poppy did not come with us.

Dante did not enjoy his experience at the beach. He tends to be highly suspicious of new sensations, this includes grass, bubbles and sand. He just could not deal. So I spent majority of the time cradling him and keeping him on a towel so the precious darling didn't get sand on his feet. Just how I like to spend my day, with a baby watching my husband and daughter enjoy the water said no mother ever. 


13 months and still breastfeeding, which surprisingly is coming to an end. He loves food so much, his transition to eating food most of the time has happened rather quickly. He now only has milk a few times a day. I think I could stop now, I want to even but I know he still clings on just for now and so I hold back. Ive never understood this scary transition. Why it seems like such a daunting thing. To yearn for freedom so much yet be so afraid of letting go of each other.

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We decided to give Abby a chance to learn how to bodyboard. It was a ridiculously good day. The weather was perfect and warm and no harsh wind that comes with the south. I swear there is nothing this girl will not do. The surf was so rough especially for a 6 year old. Despite  the intimidating waves she shook her fear off and went ahead and did it anyway. Today, she was a brave girl. Today she made me proud. 


Towards the end of our stay, our adventure continued to Shoalhaven Zoo. We have never been and thought it would be a great day out for the kids. It was a lovely little zoo. Which has typical farm animals, reptiles, Australian native wildlife and Lions. It was a great but very hot day. 


Oh and be cautious of this guy! He likes to sweet talk you over, chanting out hello and wolf whistles but its all an act. Although I warned Abby to never touch the birds, I did not take notice of the enclosure and how large the wire holes were. She nearly lost her nose. It was a great capture. That moment where he stuck his neck out to bite her and her split second reaction to throw herself backwards. 

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It was a great holiday to get away for a week and I highly recommend checking out the South Coast of Sydney. Its a gorgeous picturesque terrain of continuous green rolling hills with plenty to go do and see!


 If you are a family  that loves to adventure and go on holiday, take me with you! These holidays are gorgeous moments to capture and treasure for ever. I know if I can come along with you, I am going to take the best family photographs of your family you have ever seen. If its something I can do for you, that would give me the greatest joy to be able to capture memories like this for other families. 


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