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Sydney Family Documentary Photographer
South Coast Wanderings and Little Muses

Driving down the highway. The music on high and the chill level is low. My feet on the dash and the coastal air lifting my hair into wild tentacles. Good vibes washing away the days of intense routines and raised cortisol levels... Read More of our NSW South Coast adventure

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Zoofari Lodge, Toronga Western Plains Zoo

What an adventure! I know you have been following along on my IG stories and I am so thrilled to be able to share what we got up to on our little weekend get away. If you are looking at what you can do while travelling with kids, this is a must do on your bucket list. Check out our trip to Toronga Western Plains zoo and Zoofari Lodge. 

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Vintage Finds - Sydney Family photography

Vintage Shopping in Newtown, Sydney | Family Photography.

His defiant laugh bellows as he twists his body and avoids me, making the most mundane tasks impossible. I resist the urge to laugh and pounce after him, vowing to conquer his rebellion. He squeals in delight, eyes wide in exhilaration .

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The Jalalaty Family | Newborn Photography Sydney

As a Newborn Photographer, I always get this profound sense of gratitude to witness the unfolding of love and joy a newborn  can bring to the family. It was love at first sight and the connection was blossoming into full swing as they exchanged cuddles allowing the flow of oxytocin and serotonin to intoxicate their senses. 


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The Cuinet-Wellings Family | Sydney Northern Beaches

The Cuinet-Wellings family. A cute little family living admit the hot humid Malaysian weather. Wanted a break from the humidity. What beautiful thing, to have such wonderful memories photographed along Sydney's Northern Beaches.  

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Jessamyn's Motherhood Experience | Sydney Newborn Photographer

Jessamyn and Tony contacted me early on in their pregnancy. Totally elated, nervous, joyful new to be parents. They didnt want to miss a thing. So after a exciting chat we decided to go through this journey- the whole run together. We did a year in the life together.

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