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Sarah, You have a cleave sense of humour. Tenacious,

but soft at heart. 

Bec, You have such a warm caring nature.

So generous with your time.

Sarah you have taught me to appreciate a good laugh, I especially love when you are in ‘top’ form. 

In a funny way Bec, you taught us how to be parents. I’m sure Sarah benefited. 

Your dad, he is generous and the champion of 'Dad' jokes. I am so proud of  his love and protection for you girls and myself. I couldn't thank him enough for that. 

He is never afraid to give things a go and has made such a difference to the direction life takes. 

Bec and Sarah, I have always admired how you care for yourselves and just how GORGEOUS you are. You both make a good friend. 

You and your sister should be proud how you take care of one another. 


I will always love you.